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Alkaline Water Ionizers!

bulletAll ionizers come with USA-made UltraWater filtration
bulletOldest and most established water ionizer company in the USA.
IonLifeHighest A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau
bulletLeading USA AlkaViva distributor
bulletQualified WQA water professionals on staff to help you
bulletBest range of quality water ionizers at honest prices
bulletLowest return and failure rate in USA
bulletJapanese electrodes, not Chinese copies

bulletUltraWater Filtration. Made in the USA not Asia.
bulletClean. Only ionizer filters to remove lead, arsenic, fluoride, and other harmful contaminants to 99.9%.
bulletSafe. Only water ionizer filter to be tested in an US EPA / NELAP certified independent laboratory to
     government standards.
bulletResearch. Only water ionizer filter created using WQA certified water specialists, engineers and doctors.
bulletNatural. 100% chemical free, all-natural and sustainable media.
bulletEthical. Say NO to bottled water forever!

    Importance of Clean Water/ Who is AlkaViva?

      Why buy an ionizer if it does not clean your water properly first?
      See our certified and unmatched, water ionizer filter test results Here

A Family enjoying our water ionizers AlkaViva water ionizers are the most efficient ionizers available. Requiring less power, less plates, taking up less space and are guaranteed to outperform any other brand regardless of price or size.

Only AlkaViva has had their ionizer filters tested by an Independent
EPA certified analytical lab in the USA.
Testing proof Here!

      You can trust AlkaViva because:

bulletAlkaViva's manufacturer, Emco Tech, sells the most ionizers worldwide.
bulletEmco Tech makes water ionizers for Samsung, LG, Toyo and Hyundai.
bulletAlkaViva's ionizers are certified to UL, CSA, ISO and CE safety standards.
bulletAlkaViva's ionizers outperform and outlast other brands thanks to the
      patented DARC cleaning system and Japanese cells.
bulletAlkaViva's ionizers have the lowest return rate average in the industry.
bulletAlkaViva's electric ionizers come with a lifetime warranty and customers are
      supported by WQA trained professionals.

      You can trust Ionlife because:               

bulletIonLife has sold Emco Tech electric ionizers in the US for over 15 years!
bulletWe have been selling the same brand longer than ANY other importer.
bulletOur water ionizers have been THE chosen brand for notables such as
      Dr. Robert Young, Sang Whang and Dr. Ted Baroody.
bulletOur trained professionals can help you with any pre-treatment filtration needs.
bulletIonLife also sells USA-made, AlkaViva non-electric ionizers.

      AlkaViva ionizers and Ionlife caring service - a powerful combination!

    THE BEST FINANCING IN THE INDUSTRY when you purchase an Ionlife alkaline water purifier.
    More Details Here.

Whether you are buying in the USA or Canada or internationally, whether you are a retail customer or would like to sell water ionizers - Ionlife can take care of your needs!

If you are considering selling ionizers, our program offers more profit, more training, and more tools to help you sell. Most programs offer "turn key" systems - and we do too. Plus we will work with you personally to help you grow your business. Click Here for an incredible income opportunity.

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Call and experience our caring, helpful service NOW!
"Changing the way You Feel about Water"
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