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Ionlife gives to Haiti

Ionlife donated a total of $5,000.00 to purchase 100 water purification kits plus food boxes for Haiti.

Water is an urgent need. Shipping bottled water takes up space and weight allowance which could be better filled with food. Instead of shipping bottles of water we are paying for manufacturing water purification systems that will be issued to families so they can make pure water from any local fresh water source. These units cost only $45.00 per unit and include a spare filter set plus delivery to Haiti.

Ionlife also paid for food that is put into 4x4 boxes filled with a balance of food for a family of 4 to eat for 4 days.


UL CSA Acceptance for AlkaViva ionizers !

AlkaViva was the first company in the USA to get UL and CSA acceptance for water ionizers. In other words the first ionizer company to be fully compliant.

This was terrific news as it helped to demonstrate why AlkaViva’s quality and safety standards are very different from those of most other exporters.
*As a dealer you can sell Ionlife water ionizers with confidence knowing that they are have been tested and approved for sale in the USA.

In operation for more than a century, Underwriters Laboratories Inc. is an independent organization that evaluates products, components, materials and systems for compliance to specific requirements, and permits acceptable products to carry a certification mark. A manufacturer of a UL certified product must demonstrate compliance with the appropriate safety requirements. UL has developed more than 1,000 Standards for Safety, many of which are American National (ANSI) Standards, and evaluates nearly 20,000 types of products. A typical standard for electronic products includes not only requirements for electrical safety, but also spread of fire and mechanical hazards. UL develops its Standards to correlate with the requirements of model installation codes, such as the National Electrical Code.
Read more Here


ISO-14001 and ISO-9001 International Certificates etc

AlkaViva's manufacturers also have the latest Certifications from ISO.
The ISO-14000 is awarded to companies that demonstrate great achievements
in their environmentally friendly manufacturing policies.
See why AlkaViva is THE trusted name for ionizers in the USA. Here


Korean FDA Certificates

One of these certificates show that AlkaViva's manufacturers are approved for manufacturing water ionizers as medical devices in Korea. Read more Here


Tennant Chooses AlkaViva Manufacture's Cell Technology

Tennant Company (NYSE:TNC), a global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of cleaning equipment and solutions, has created a breakthrough technology using water ionizer cells from AlkaViva.

After months of extensive research in which hundreds of thousands of dollars was spent, Tennant Company chose the AlkaViva ionizer cell technology, from Japan, for its superior performance, reliability and durability. They also chose AlkaViva as their International Agent for these cells. That a 135 year old leading International Cleaning Company would choose AlkaViva from all other ionizing companies is a great vote of confidence in their ability to deliver quality water ionization technology.

Tennant Echo floor cleaner
The importance of this technology cannot be overestimated because now, for the first time, commercial cleaning can be achieved using water with no chemicals.
Tennant Company has over ten patents pending and has achieved results with just water that are equal to or better than conventional commercial cleaning methods

The ech2o technology available now in the latest Tennant and Nobles branded commercial scrubbers is:

100% environmentally friendly

  • Minimizes the environmental impact of producing, packaging, transporting, using, and disposing of traditional cleaning chemicals.
  • Begins as water and ends as water.
  • Uses 70% less water than conventional scrubbing methods.

Simple, efficient, cost effective

  • Is as, or more effective, than conventional chemical-based methods
  • Ech2o helps reduce cost by eliminating the need to buy a general purpose cleaner.
  • Virtually eliminates time required for chemical handling, mixing, and usage training.
  • Maximize productivity by increasing scrub times and reducing fill and drain time.
  • Eliminates the need to purchase expensive general purpose cleaning chemicals.
  • dries faster.


  • Protects user safety by reducing health issues associated with harsh cleaning chemicals; no touching, breathing, splashing, or disposing of chemicals.
  • Greatly reduces slippery cleaning detergent residue and the risk of slip and fall accidents.

Mr. Jay Hare, CEO of AlkaViva, who was involved in this project over the last year and a half said, "It is so satisfying to be able to help with something that will do so much good for our planet. Over time this technology will save substantial amounts of toxic chemicals from being released into our environment. t shows how much we can still learn from the powers that lie dormant in water".

About Tennant Company

Minneapolis-based Tennant Company (NYSE: TNC) is a world leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing solutions that help create a cleaner, safer world. Its products include equipment for maintaining surfaces in industrial, commercial and outdoor environments; and coatings for protecting, repairing and upgrading concrete floors. Tennant's global field service network is the most extensive in the industry. Tennant has manufacturing operations in Minneapolis, Minn., Holland, Mich., Uden, The Netherlands, Northampton, United Kingdom and Shanghai, China. Tennant sells products directly in 15 countries and through distributors in more than 80 countries. For more information, visit


Ionlife Donates to Amazon Project

Below is a letter receive that speaks for itself...
Dear Ionlife,

Firstly Brianna and I would like to say a really warm thank you and Ionlife for your generous donation to our project. it just about doubled what we had raised so far, so it was no small sum.

Just to give you a quick outline of our work, a few months ago we were given the amazing opportunity of designing information signboards for the Adolpho Ducke Botanical Gardens of Manaus.

These gardens are inside a 100 km ecological reserve in the middle of the Amazon and contain a huge number of plant and animal species. The staff has wanted to install signboards in different languages for 10 years but due to lack of funding this has never come to fruition.

These large ego-diverse gardens have so much potential because of how easily the outside world can access them through the city of Manaus and its international airport. The easier and faster outsiders can see how important the Amazon is to the world the greater the opposition will be to the continued large scale destruction of the Amazon jungle for agriculture and mining. At the moment these gardens are tragically under-utilized because the few guides that are there only do tours occasionally and do not speak English.

Our project is designing a number of educational signboards throughout the trails, and thus opening people's eyes to the biodiversity, forest functions and plant-insect interactions around them in the forest. We are writing signs in both English and Portuguese so that both locals and international visitors will be attracted to the gardens.

The response to our fundraising that we have received has been such an inspiration in our work. To realize how much support we have and to see how generously people offer money for a good cause like this has been wonderful. It has also meant that by raising our own funds we make ourselves completely independent of the lengthy and uncertain process of applying for government funding.

Warm regards,
Rebecca McCue and Brianna McNeillage Greene.

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