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A few Testimonials from Happy IonLife Water Ionizer Customers ...

Jupiter Science Orion for ionized water

Name Withheld

Dealing with Ionlife: Friendly, informative, with a feeling of trustworthiness.
Experience with other companies: OK, but I feel when someone starts running another product down I become wary of these individuals.

Sasha Janson

My experience with dealing with IONLIFE was very good. My calls were returned promptly. Delivery was good - It arrived in good condition. I have directed my family and friends to your website.

Gloria Warren

Five stars for before AND after sales service. Clear instructions, warm encouragements. My experience with other companies was 100% impersonal and distant. Their initial in-magazine info and newsletter imparted clear explanations. Great people to deal with. Delivery was prompt and reliable.

Habitual sluggish bowel movements cleared completely by the third day.. Mental clarity which helped my UNI studies occurred after 5 days. I slept less and have good quality sleep. I`m so glad you made all this possible. Thanks!

KJ and LM Gormley

My reason for choosing Ionlife was ... friendly and pleasant attitude and helpful manner. We find the water nice tasting . and pleasant to drink.
(Mr Gormley has now ordered four more for his close friends)

Jeff Cross

You might remember me - I`m the crazy Pom who ordered a Jupiter from the other side of the planet just to save a quid or two.

The Jupiter is strutting it`s stuff - my skin, which was seriously dry, has improved and the patch of psoriasis on my leg is slowly getting better. And as for my heart palpitations - they stopped within a week - RESULT!

Jenny Philp

Service A1 Thank you. So far David and I are thrilled with the ionizer and our steadily improving energy levels. I`m talking about this product to my friends and colleagues.
Note: After one year Jenny reports: I`m very happy with it. David and I use about 4 liters/day

Lionel Parker

Service spot on, drinking 3 liters daily and looking forward to being back on the dance floor. Many thanks, Happy days!

Marilyn McCarthy

I was most impressed by the honest genuine service I was given when I spoke to both ... on the phone. They were most helpful and there`s no 'hard sell'.

Kurt Krombach:

My experience with dealing with Ionlife was very good. Delivery was very good, and after one month I feel a marked improvement in my health.

Mae Lee

My experience in dealing with Ionlife was that they are friendly and informative. I chose them because they cost less and are more practical. Delivery was very good and my experience after one month is an increase in energy levels and more alert.

Marian Winser

Ionlife was direct, pleasant and informative. My experience in dealing with other companies was reasonable but not as friendly.

I chose Ionlife because after checking into alkaline water for a considerable time I found the info sent to me to be excellent and it prompted me to finally decide on a good unit. Delivery was excellent.
Congratulations of finding and marketing this product, and my personal thanks.

Brigitte Neubach

My experience with Ionlife was friendly, informative and to the point. My Ionizer arrived promptly, it was securely packed and I got good advice when I rang for some explanations. I now have more energy and feel more balanced.

Warren Mann

Your company first came to my attention about two years ago and the ionizer concept was new to me, even though I had studied some Nutritional Science. Ionlife was then, and has been again, very helpful and fully `open` in regard to supplying information

Miriam McBriar,

Thank you for the excellent service

Rob Martin

A well made machine. Getting excellent results.

Rotha Jago

I chose Ionlife at the recommendation of my Naturopath, and also after reading Sang Whang`s "Reverse Aging".

For the first six weeks I lent it to a friend who had just had here second baby. She had very bad post-natal depression after the first baby. She and her new baby are very well. The baby is so calm and happy he surprises everyone. The mother is coping well and the baby is gaining weight. The family is saving for their own ionizer.

Lisa and Scott Bensley

My experience with Ionlife: Extremely helpful and provided good quality information

Reason for choosing Ionlife: Because of what the Ionizer could offer. better health, more energy. We have two children who have a number of food allergies and we hoped it could help them too.

Delivery: Arrived in 2 days, well packaged.

Warren Mann Bathurst

I have received prompt and efficient service I felt it was the best company to do business with and that they had what I wanted.

Helena Tumilowicz

My experience with Ionlife was very good. It is very pleasant drinking this water, easy on the stomach, my stomach isn`t bloated, my bowels loosened, it tastes really good and I use it for cooking.


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