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dechlorination shower filter

pHresh Shower Head + Filter


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Ultra pHresh Shower Head and Filter -
      Your Dream Shower is Now a Reality.

Why Use a Shower Filter?

As you may know, chlorine in our shower water damages skin and hair and can pose other serious health risks.
Bottom Line - "a long, hot shower can be dangerous. Toxic chemicals can be inhaled in high concentrations."
Dr. John Andelman PhD.
Must reads >>> Dangers of your Morning Shower and The Harmful Effects of Chlorine

Let Relaxation Rain Down!

The patented technology in our Ultra pHresh Ionizing Shower Head creates a noticeably different shower experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. The ionizing plate contains a unique technology that generates 400,000+ negative ions per cubic centimeter.

Inside a natural vitamin C gel filter (equivalent to 3,000 lemons) removes harmful chlorine and adds natural moisturizers that can help relieve skin irritations. It also conditions and softens the water without using any harmful chemicals. You will feel rejuvenated, as if you have been standing under a waterfall full of negative ions.

Tested over many months by AlkaViva management, the unanimous conclusion was that the Ultra pHresh shower head produced the best shower experience ever. Just like drinking ionized water, you really have to try it to feel the difference.

The Ultra pHresh Ionizing Shower Head will bathe you in a strong, powerful and satisfying stream and is guaranteed to give you the most embracing (gentle yet firm) shower you have ever experienced. Yet at the same time you benefit from using about half as much water and energy as other conventional shower heads. So, not only do you get a truly unique shower experience, it is also a great money-saver. And if you live in a very hard water area and the head clogs from mineral buildup leaving you with an unsatisfying water flow then the patented ionizing plate is removable so you can easily clean it.

Enjoy your Ultra pHresh shower for years to come. You will never want to shower under anything else. We are so sure you will love this shower experience that you can return it any time in the first year for a full refund of your purchase price!

Get clean. Get ionized.

Get Ultra pHreshed!

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Technical Specifications

Fixed Shower Head:
Attaches directly to standard wall plumbing

Filter Capacity:
About 5,500 Liters!

Capacity of Discharge:
>9.5L / Min   -   About 1.5 times more than standard

Patented Ionizing Plate:
Generates anions (400,000+ / cc)

Vitamin C Gel filter, ceramic ball, non-woven filter

Environmentally Friendly:
Uses 10-25% less water than similar sized models

Health Benefits:
Removes chlorine. Provides Vitamin C for skin.

What is Wrong with other Shower Filters?

In an activated carbon filter (AC), chlorine is attracted to and held (absorbed) into the surface of the carbon particles. AC filters have been shown to be effective in reducing certain organic chemicals and chlorine in cold water. Unfortunately, the efficiency of absorption is quickly nullified when the water becomes warm. (the Ultra pHresh shower filter works as well in hot or cold water).
In addition, some activated carbon shower filters can become clogged very quickly by the dirt it is meant to stop. As soon as this occurs, it immediately starts to supply dirty water. Due to these flaws, the lifetime of an activated carbon shower filter can be very short.

KDF, another widely used de-chlorination filter, is comprised of copper and zinc. It removes chlorine by reversing the electrochemical process that originally separated the chlorine from sodium. It cannot, however, remove chloramines, another toxic chemical.
Unlike the Ultra pHresh, the efficiency of some KDF filters depends on the temperature of the water. KDF shower filters can also be affected by water pressure. When the water pressure is low, water simply cannot pass through the filter contents effectively.
The major problem of KDF shower filters is that the lifetime of the filter depends on the quality of the water passing through it. This is truly a catch-22. A water filter is needed most when our water quality is bad. Dirt can quickly covers the surface of the KDF filter which, in turn, makes the filter less effective almost immediately.

Other shower filter manufacturers use sulfur-based compounds such as calcium sulfite or sodium sulfite (or sulfate) as de-chlorinating agents. The addition of excess sulfite and sulfate chemicals to our water supplies has always been a concern. These sulfur-based compounds can be toxic to humans.

Ultra pHresh filters shows exceptional performance in dirty water; under hot AND cold temperatures.

Ultra pHresh is also more environmentally conscious than traditional activated carbon, KDF or sulfur-based chemicals such as calcium (or sodium) sulfite or sulfate. Vitamin C is not toxic to humans and is known to boost the immune system and improve skin and hair.

Benefits of Vitamin C

Ultra pHresh is a specialty shower filter that utilizes the power of Vitamin-C to neutralize 100% of the chlorine and chloramines in your bath and shower water.

It is widely known that Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant inside the human body. What is not well-known is that Vitamin C also acts as a neutralizing agent when it comes into contact with chlorine and chloramine.
The Vitamin C in the Ultra pHresh filter also provides an additional source of Vitamin-C; an essential nutrient for a healthy body.

The Ultra pHresh Shower Filters utilize ascorbic acid chemistry for de-chlorination. Vitamin C does not hold the chlorine; it neutralizes chlorine from an toxic substance into a harmless compound.
In more simple terms, Vitamin C changes chlorine and chloramine from something that can cause you harm to things that cause NO HARM. Our filter effectively removes the harmful effects of chlorine and chloramine from your water source.

Vitamin C is known for building a strong immune system and as a nutrient for skin and hair. The use of Vitamin C is more environmentally conscious than traditional activated carbon, KDF or sulfur-based chemicals such as calcium (or sodium) sulfite or sulfate. Vitamin C is not toxic to humans and is safe for the most tender skin.

The Ultra pHresh vitamin C shower filter lets you enjoy chlorine-free, odorless, clean and nutrient-rich showers year round.

Ultra pHresh uses the newest technology of Vitamin C filtration to dechlorinate your shower or bath water.


Because of this superior chlorine removal, you will see changes in the way your hair and skin feel, including...
... healthier, younger-looking skin
... softer, more manageable hair
... relief from dry skin and scalp
... less fading on color-treated hair

Priced at only $99.95
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ultra pHresh's filtering material?
Each Ultra pHresh filter contains 100% Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamin-C. The Vitamin-C used in a Ultra pHresh filter is 100% natural and is an excellent source of Vitamin-C for strengthening and improving the condition of your body, skin and hair.

How does the Ultra pHresh filter remove chlorine and chloramines from water?
The Ultra pHresh filter utilizes ascorbic acid chemistry for de-chlorination. Vitamin-C does not hold the chlorine; it neutralizes chlorine from an element into a harmless compound. In more simple terms, Vitamin-C changes chlorine and chloramine from things that can cause harm to your body to things that cause NO HARM to your body.

Has Vitamin-C ever been used to de-chlorinate water?
Yes. Vitamin-C de-chlorination has a lengthy and proven history. It has been used by the EPA for the de-chlorination of lab samples. In the medical industry, it is the standard for critical applications such as dialysis, where the introduction of chlorinated water would be catastrophic.

Is there any scientific evidence that Vitamin-C can be used in de-chlorination?
Yes. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Risk Management Research Laboratory demonstrated that Vitamin-C is a safe and fast de-chlorination agent. pHresh filters have certified EPA laboratory testing to prove that our filters work!

Is the Ultra pHresh Shower Head easy to install?
Yes. Simply unscrew your existing shower head and screw in your Ultra pHresh shower head.

Do Ultra pHresh filters require maintenance?
No. The Ultra pHresh filters does not need any maintenance. You simply install it and enjoy chlorine-free showers.

Do I have to back flush the Ultra pHresh filter?
No, back flushing is not required or recommended when using Ultra pHresh filters.

How do I know when to change the shower filter?
Ultra pHresh filters are easily installed inside the shower head. An occasional check will show how much of the filter has been used up. Or you can wait until you begin to notice chlorine coming back into the shower water.

Will the Ultra pHresh shower head reduce the flow rate of my shower?
Yes. There is a flow rate reduction of about 10-25% but the patented way the holes are created does not give you any sense that you are using less water - on the contrary we guarantee this will be your most enjoyable showering experience ever!

Does the performance and life of the Ultra pHresh filter depend on temperature or pressure of water?
No. The Ultra pHresh filter works for any water temperature (hot or cold), any water pressure (high or low), and any quality of water.

Priced at $99.95
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