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AlkaViva Scale Guard Inserts

$29.95 (for two)

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AlkaViva Scale Guard Inserts

Environmentally-Friendly Anti-Scale Device

Announcing the Scale Guard Inserts Your water professionals at AlkaViva are proud to announce the creation of the Scale Guard Inserts to address the issue of scale build up, caused by excessive calcium and magnesium.

Not to be used with the new H2 Series water ionizers. If needing a solution for hard water (scale) issues with these models please contact customer support.


Excessive scale is a challenge facing many homeowners, manufacturing and industrial water users around the world for decades. The build up of scale can cause damage or poor performance in hot water heaters, clothes and dishwashers, showerheads and other hot water using appliances/fixtures.

This situation is compounded when water is ionized since the scale causing minerals are more concentrated and will have a tendency to create scale build up on the alkaline spout and connected parts.

The traditional approach to hard water problems is sodium or potassium based ion exchange water softeners that waste water and dump high concentrations of salt into sewer systems and septic tanks. The AlkaViva Scale Guard insert is an environmentally friendly way to reduce the amount of scale in your ionizer!


How and Where Does Scale Develop?

Calcium naturally occurs is in a crystalline structure which makes it adhere to virtually any surface creating a hard scale deposit that can accumulate as time passes. These deposits can build up in your pipes and appliances in the home increasing electricity consumption while decreasing the efficiency of machinery performance in industrial applications. Hard water deposits can also decrease porosity of soil resulting in high water consumption, poor plant development and overly compacted soils. A water ionizer is susceptible to scale build up on the stainless steel spout and connected parts.


How does the AlkaViva Scale Guard Insert work?

Aragonite crystals typically comprise hard water scale and have a similar feel to sandpaper that can stack very easily. The Vaterite crystalline form created by the AlkaViva Scale Guard is spherical, and since it is virtually impossible to stack ball bearings, scale build up is virtually impossible. It uses a catalytic process to dramatically change the crystalline structure of calcium carbonate to a smooth soft spherical structure that does not create damaging scale build up in your ionizer. It is NOT magnetic nor sacrificial (does not add anything to the water) and dramatically reduces bothersome scale deposits from forming, and it also dissolves the existing calcium carbonate scale build-up (de-scaling effect!).

A vivid example of the impact of changing the physical properties of substances is the element carbon. Under certain conditions, carbon creates one of the hardest substances on earth (diamonds) and can also create an amazingly smooth lubricant when in a graphite form - yet each are 100% carbon.



No maintenance needed. Simply place the insert into your calcium insert port (unscrews on top of the ionizer). One insert will last about 6 months so the two provided will last for about one year.


Purchase AlkaViva Scale Guard Inserts (two provided).

Only $29.95

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