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AlkaViva Water Ionizer Reviewed approves IonLife

Reed Mollins, Director -

I recently received an AlkaViva water ionizer from Ionlife to test.

After opening the box, I was immediately pleased by the clear instructions for installation, numerous informational packets, and enclosed DVD. The unit was clean, well packed for safety, and attractive.

The ionizer Arrived Nicely and Securely Packaged. After unpacking, I went directly into product setup, as I was extremely excited to begin drinking the water. I wanted to feel the effects I'd read so much about.
In under 10 minutes, I had the unit setup, attached to my sink, and producing alkaline water. Installation with my existing kitchen hardware was hassle free

Within 10 minutes I was pouring my first glass of alkaline water.

I drank a full glass, while taste testing it in comparison with my regular tap water -- I found the common description of alkaline water as "sweet" to be accurate. In addition, it felt softer than my normal water, which was especially apparent after I'd had several glasses over the course of a few hours. Normally, drinking my tap water leaves my mouth with a feeling of residue, which was totally absent with the ionized water. approves IonLifeHaving tested the taste and feel of the water, I wanted to see how the pH was effected by running the water through the ionizer, so I utilized the pH test kit sent along with my unit.

I'd been following the instructions to begin drinking the water on the lowest alkalinity content for the first week. The results were impressive as you can see in the photo to the side.

After drinking the water from the my water ionizerr for a week, I understand why there are such great testimonials regarding these products. I am confident recommending this ionizer to anyone who is interested in bringing the benefits of alkaline water into their home.

For more information about AlkaViva ionizers or to purchase one for yourself visit

Disclaimer:'s recommendation is not a substitution for advice from a physician and should not be considered as such. Before using any dietary supplement, vitamin, medication, or medical device, one should always consult a physician. will have no liability or accountability for any person's decision to use any recommended product or service nor for any affects that result from such use.

Full Disclosure: Ionlife is a paying advertiser on the website. However, this endorsement of their product was freely given and is based on the true opinion of employees who have actually used an AlkaViva ionizer. Ionlife was kind enough to provide us with a trial with a model to evaluate independently. Before the products were sent, we made it clear to Ionlife (the purveyor of the ionizer) that we would only provide a recommendation if we truly found it to be effective in our own use -- which we did.

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