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How to Connect your Benchtop JP-104 direct to Cold Water Line

If using saddle valve MAKE SURE saddle valve rubber gasket is in place and position saddle valve on COLD water line with barbed fitting aimed towards hole in sink. Insert bolts through front and back plates and tighten securely, without over tightening. Screw nuts onto each bolt, just to cinch and prevent loosening of bolts. Do not over tighten. Next, rotate handle clock-wise until tight. You may notice some leaking as spike pierces pipe, but keep turning until this stops. At this point the saddle valve should be sealed without any leaking.

Melody install

Press hose onto saddle valve barbed fitting or onto the T-Junction (not shown) and secure with threaded band clamp. Hose should press all the way onto fitting. (Hint: gently heat hose end with hot water or match or stove burner for easier placement).

JP 104 Melody

If installing pre-filters then cut the hose to fit.
Regular Carbon Block pre-filters are available plus special Filters for Iron, Florida, Sulfur and Manganese


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