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How to Connect your AlkaViva Melody JP-104 direct to the Cold Water Line

This is a way to avoid using the faucet without having to pay for the extra undersink faucet set (which can be seen Here)

Choice 1 Install your new Faucet-free Melody yourself. -
No plumber necessary with an easy to use self-piercing saddle valve. Valve attaches to waterline - no cutting, no solder.

Mewlody water ionizer image

Choice 2 Or, if you are unable to find a self-piercing saddle valve
then simply use a Tee plus a John Guest fitting
(1/4" to 1/2" BSP or USA equivalent) to fit the JP-104 Melody high pressure hose. See diagram below.

AlkaViva Melody install

With the use of a self-piercing saddle valve it is unnecessary to hire a plumber to install your Melody.
A self-piercing saddle valve attaches to the cold water line under your sink and gently pierces, then seals a hole in the pipe.
Once sealed, the saddle valve is opened to allow water to be directed to your Jupiter.
Even better is that, once installed, water flow is controlled using the knob at the front of your Jupiter without touching the faucet and without the possibility of accidental hot water damage.

tee fitting for Melody

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