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naia non-electric water ionizer

IonWay's Naia Water System

$599.95 (MRP: $649.00)

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The revolutionary USA made Naia Non-Electric Ionizer and Filtration System utilizes some of today’s most cutting edge filtration techniques to give you purified, alkaline and ionized water.
This great value unit helps you not only clean the water you drink but also includes an IonWays blend of functional, natural media to create an increased pH (in the proper range for drinking water) and negative ORP. You enjoy clean and healthy water right from your own tap!

Our Non-Electric Ionizer Challenge: Compare what is in our Naia system to similarly priced non-electric ionizer out there and we guarantee you will not find any other system even close in quality or performance. Plus compare the great taste of water from your Naia to other systems and see why IonWays leads the way.

Athean ionizer buy now To do all this the Naia uses a 21-stage proprietary combination of filtration, softening media and cutting-edge technology to give you virtually contaminant free water. Plus the Naia is the only unit available that offers a hard or soft water option to protect your investment. Water quality varies greatly from place to place. There is no "one size fits all" water product. Any water product will perform differently and have a different lifespan in soft, average and hard water quality situations. The Hard Water Filtration System greatly reduces the effects of scale build up from hard water and helps protect your investment!
This is the zenith in non-electric ionization and cannot be matched in how well it filters and enhances the water!

Let’s take a look at how this system works:
Please note: The Naia is designed for use on potable water sources only.

Filtration System One in the Naia is made up of 5 stages of filtration consisting of 2 stages of media and three 1-micron barriers.

Stage 1: We start with a 1-micron protector.
Stage 2: Then, we add a stage of KDF 85, which addresses concerns for iron, hydrogen sulfides, and manganese contamination. It also helps reduce chlorine and chloramines. This stage also conditions the water in two important ways. It changes the scaling calcium into a non-scaling form that helps protect your ionizer and it optimizes the pH into the range that increases effectiveness of the next media in removing fluoride.
Stage 3: a 1-micron protector.
Stage 4: The fourth stage uses a generous bed of media specially designed to help eliminate fluoride, arsenic, lead and selenium. By using these 2 medias in sequence, we can effectively increase the efficiency of the overall system.
Stage 5: The last stage is another 1-micron protector.

Filtration System Two in the Naia offers seven stages - or barriers - employing three separate types of media each protected by a 1-micron barrier.

Stage 1: We start with a 1-micron protector.
Stage 2: The first stage of media is a bed of Centaur. Centaur is an extremely high grade of carbon that is very effective at removing chlorine, chloramines, VOC’s and disinfectant byproducts such as trihalomethanes. Centaur also improves taste, odor and water clarity.
Stage 3: Is a 1-micron protector.
Stage 4: The second media is KDF 55 which helps eliminate lead, mercury, nickel, and other dissolved heavy metals in the water. It helps with microorganisms and scale prevention in hard water areas. It also further reduces chlorine and chloramines. Another benefit offered by KDF 55 is that it lowers the ORP of the source water.
Stage 5: Is a 1-micron protector.
Stage 6: The third media is a carbon block. The carbon block removes more of the suspended solids while again using all of the qualities of carbon filtration to remove remaining chlorides while further improving taste, odor, and water clarity. A carbon bock differs from granulated carbon media (such as Centaur) by creating a greater surface area contact by physically forcing water through a solid block of carbon instead of through a bed of fine granules.
Stage 7: The last stage is another 1-micron protector.

Filtration System Three in the Naia offers you two options to customize the filter to your water quality -
a Hard Water System and a Standard Water System. Each option offers nine more stages or barriers of treatment.

The first seven stages are the same in both systems and are comprised of three different stages of media each protected by a 1-micron protector (four in total - for brevity we won’t list each).

Stage 1: We start with a 1-micron protector.
Stage 2: The first stage of media is a blend of tourmaline and magnetic technology, which helps begin to reduce surface tension and micro-cluster the water.
Stage 3: Is a 1-micron protector.
Stage 4: The second stage of media is our proprietary IonWays pH and –ORP media made of 100% natural minerals and compounds. This layer of media will increase the pH and reduce the ORP to achieve antioxidant potential.
Stage 5: Is a 1-micron protector.
Stage 6: To "polish" the water after the pH / -ORP stage, we add another stage of Centaur.
Stage 7: Is a 1-micron protector.
Stage 8: The final stage of media offers you the option to customize your Naia to your local water quality. This is where we see the difference between the Hard Water System and the Standard Water System.
Stage 9: Is the last 1-micron protector.

buy now buttonThe Soft Water Filtration option is ideal for use on treated water sources with 0-75mg/l (ppm) of TDS. Unsure if you water is soft or hard? Click Here
In this option, stage 8 is blended calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide to add the beneficial alkaline minerals in areas where they are naturally found in low levels.

buy buttonThe Standard / Hard Water System is designed for treated water sources with more than 75mg/l (ppm) of TDS. Unsure if you water is soft or hard? Click Here
In this option, stage 8 offers a unique media to further reduce scale buildup in harder water areas. This incredible media is extracted from milk thistle which has documented antioxidant and detoxification benefits.

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