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Why Buy an AlkaViva Alkaline Water Ionizer

AlkaViva is Emco Tech's exclusive north American importer. Emco Tech's Research and Development operation in Japan, boasts about twenty PhD researchers that ensure you will be able to choose from the most efficient, compact, advanced, and reliable ionizers.

Our manufacturer has produced top quality, industry leading ionizers since 1982. They build models exclusively for such globally companies as LG, Samsung, Toyo and Hyundai. Many other ionizers are made by simple assemblers - who get their water cells from China and Taiwan and "assemble" cheap brand ionizers.

Emco Tech's philosophy is to accomplish more performance and offer more durability by employing more efficient technology.

We back that philosophy up by offering you more certifications. Some competitors do not even have electrical safety certification! Our ionizers were the first in the USA to be certified with UL and CSA approval to electrical safety standards. We additionally have ISO, CE, RoHS, Korean FDA and many others. ISO Environmental Management System Certificate 14001:2004 makes us the first water ionizer company to be "Green Certified". We were also proudly the first in the USA to offer any form of a lifetime ionizer warranty.

IonLife offers you only top quality ionizers at honest-value prices. Our staff include two engineers and two WQA certified, water specialists. Our trained water professionals can help you to solve any tough water problem. With over 15 years in this business we will never leave you stranded - we will be there for any ongoing support.

AlkaViva spent many years and significant money to develop the USA-made UltraWater filters. Only AlkaViva ionizers come with filters that remove 99.9% of most contaminants from your water.
Why invest in an ionizer that ionizers the chemicals, pharmaceuticals and heavy metals along with the water? More details on AlkaViva UltraWater filters Here

We at IonLife are proud to be an authorized AlkaViva Distributor and part of the growing global network of AlkaViva distributors. We retail our water ionizers in the USA, Canada and in about 30 countries worldwide. In additional to retail sales we also provide business opportunities to practitioners, clinics, studios, retailers and work-from-home home entrepreneurs in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

We offer you peace of mind as the only ionizer company to have maintained an A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for many years. We also employ a Verisign Secured shopping cart for your total confidence and security.

Please be aware that:

  • AlkaViva water ionizers give a higher and constant output of hydrogen molecules (the antioxidant effect) than any other flow thorugh device.
  • Our manufacturer is the largest producer of water ionizers in the world and US markets.
  • All our ionizing chambers are manufactured in the research facility in Japan. All other companies in Korea claiming to be manufacturers are just assemblers, importing their cells into Korea from China or Taiwan.
  • Emco Tech has been manufacturing cutting edge, quality ionizers since 1982. Their latest models contain 3 new patented devices.
  • Our models consistently outperform the competition and always offer proven and valuable features - not gimmicks. See the only US EPA certified analytical lab test results.
  • Our models have the lowest return rate in the industry.
  • Our sales and customer support capabilities are unparalleled, offering you top-notch pre and post sales support. We offer a Limited lifetime warranty on our models and a 1 month return policy.
  • We have been selling in the USA markets for over 15 years - the next oldest company has spent little more than 5 years in the US market and has changed suppliers three times.
  • Our models carry more certifications and were the first to be certified to UL and CSA electrical safety standards, ISO, CE, RoHS and Korean FDA.
  • Our models come with a USA produced installation DVD, a free pH test kit and manual.
  • Only IonLife offers a Verisign secured shopping cart.

Please research well before you make this long-term investment for your health as there are many models on the market today. We are confident that once you have done your homework, you'll see why AlkaViva/ IonLife are America's number one choice.

Jupiter Science water ionizers

We are so certain that your need for quality, reliability, durability and value will be met in our models, that we offer you a 30 day full money back refund on your retail purchases if not fully satisfied.

For our latest and greatest - the Samsung designed Vesta - Please Click Here

For a Comparison Chart to other models on market please Click Here
Compare all AlkaViva models and get all pricing Here
And Here for Consumer Buying Guide and Checklist

AlkaViva and IonLife is the INTELLIGENT CHOICE in alkaline, energy water ionizers and here is why:

With over 20 patents plus many design registrations, we continue to lead by example.
( See Emco Tech Summary Here)

For example, the Melody, was the first ionizer in the world that always gives alkaline water even when cleaning - you never have to wait. Other brands still either stop making alkaline water when in clean mode or do not provide regular automatic cleaning.

Only the latest IonLife models clean in the background so there is no waiting and no calcium buildup in the cells.

And only AlkaViva/ IonLife include the USA made UltraWater Filter Advantage with every model. For more details please Click Here

Our ionizers use only genuine Platinum Titanium. Models coming in from China or Taiwan are using Platinoiridium. They don't use platinum titanium because platinum titanium is 7 times more expensive than iridium. The Japanese and Korean governments do not allow any company to sell iridium for drinking water applications because it was deemed unsuitable for drinking water applications and human health.

Our manufacturer does nothing but make quality alkaline water ionizers. That is why their plates last longer than other models and why they have a repair rate of less than 2% (well below the industry average). We still supply filters for the first models brought into the USA over ten years ago. There is simply no substitute when it comes to quality and your health.

Optional under sink conversion kits are available for our models with color choices of above sink quality faucets.

We can help you with any whole home or pre-filter water filtering needs and solve the toughest water quality issues with our wide range of filtration products.

Please Contact Us with any questions.

Emco Tech models carry a limited lifetime warranty. You can be confident when buying from us; we have the lowest repair rate in the industry (less than 1% in USA over 10 years).).

Dealing with us, the established leader in alkaline water ionization, you are guaranteed:

  • The finest and most reliable range of alkaline water purifiers in the world.
  • The most advanced technology in the market that others try to emulate. Compare to cheaply built models that need large plates and high wattage to produce pH and ORP.
  • The latest significant improvements in design and ease of use.
  • Qualified, caring support from technicians and water experts across the USA.
  • Complete service for whole home filtration, pre-filters and under-sink conversion kits.
  • We are here to help you make your ideal choice so please do not hesitate to call.

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