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Acidic Water and Plants


Plants and human life have always been beneficial to each other. Plants breathe in carbon dioxide and release oxygen while humans breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. In this way, people and plants help one another. Thatís not the only way plants and humans can co-exist and help one another though. Respiration is only one thing plants and humans have in common. Another commonality we have with plants is nutritional consumption. For both plants and humans, water consumption is a life and death necessity. Just like respiration though, plants and humans differ greatly on the kind of water they need.

People need oxygen to live, not only by breathing but by the types of foods and beverages one consumes. Every thing we eat can be classified as either acidic or basic. In most cases, more acids are consumed. Our bodies need less acids and more bases because basic foods and drinks have a high alkalinity. A high alkalinity means better absorption of important minerals. Alkaline water allows your body to maintain a high content of important soluble minerals like calcium and sodium. Alkaline water also promotes more oxygen in the red blood cells, allowing the body to function better.

If a human needs alkaline water then plants need acidic water to function best. The acid water form a water ionizer is great for plants. Acid water is great for killing fungi and mold. In nurseries for example, acid water is sprayed on sprouts, wheatgrass, and germinating plants to prevent mold. Acid water is also used on golf courses and other large areas in order to reduce the use of pesticides and herbicides. When acid water is used to water cut flowers, they stay fresh longer. The reason acidic water is beneficial to plants generally is that acidic water helps release the metallic nutrients in the soil. These nutrients are extremely beneficial to plants such as blueberries, roses and azaleas. The best water to use for plants is acidic water. This is because these types of water are active absorbers. When they come into contact with air, they absorb carbon dioxide, making them acidic. The ability to absorb carbon dioxide makes acidic water extremely beneficial to plants because plants need carbon dioxide for respiration purposes. Itís no wonder acid water is so great for plants!


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