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Biontech batch water ionizer

Batch Water Ionizer

$1097.00 (MRP: $1400.00)


Bion-Tech 3000 Alkalizer

The Bion-Tech 3000 is a great choice for those customers who want any of the following:

  • A very affordable way of making good quality alklaine and acidic water - in half an hour you make half a gallon of alkaline water and half a gallon of acidic water.
  • A way of creating water away from your kitchen sink - you can make alkaline/acidic water anywhere there is a power point and it low weight makes it an easy travel companion.
  • A very affordable way of making super acid (medical grade) water with a pH of about 2.7 or lower. Medical grade acidic water can be used to steralize viruses and bacteria and has many applications. Other ionizers that make super acid water by adding salt or saline solution cost over $4000.
  • A way of making super alkaline water with a pH of about 11.3 or higher by adding salt. Super alkaline water is used for washing and cleaning.
  • A way of controlling the source of your input water - you are advised to use high quality well or spring water instead of ordinary tap water (a good solution for those who do not want to have to use their tap water).

The Bion-Tech 3000 batch water ionizer is unlike the much more familiar flow-through water ionizers. In a batch ionizer the water is put into two holding tanks and then you wait about 10 to 20 minutes for your water to be restructured instead of getting your water instantly.

When used as directed, this unit makes in one batch a 1/2 gallon of pH 10 to pH 11 alkaline water with an ORP of -800 to -1,000 millivolts, plus a 1/2 gallon of pH 4 to pH 5 acid waters with an ORP of +800 to +1,000 millivolts. When salt is added then you can create the super acid and super alkaline waters.

Please Note: This is a water ionizer, not a water purifier. Unlike flow-through water ionizers there is no pre-filtration included because you have the option to use good quality, pre-cleaned, mineralized, bottled water (instead of regular tap water). Preferably use high quality spring or well water that has not been distilled, put through a reverse osmosis unit, or chemically treated. We recommend using bottled spring water or good well water with liquid sea minerals such as Concentrace added. Liquid sea minerals give a balanced spectrum of minerals, with sodium removed, in the correct ratios for the human body. If you want to use purified water without any minerals then you will need to add the right amount of minerals before putting the water into your Bion-Tech.

In summary with the Biontech BTM-3000 you have control over both the quality of water used and the strength of ionization from super high to super low. Among the Biontec's features are a timer that will automatically chime and shut off when done, and decanting at the touch of a button.

For a large size image of the Bion-Tech 3000 Batch Ionizer Please Click Here

Bion-Tech Batch water ionizer

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